Spring Breakers, Is it really indie or is it just a really bad film?

For the first time in ages, my friends and I decided to have a night off and make the use of Orange Wednesdays by staring at James Franco on the big screen for an hour or so.  However we hadn’t known what we had let ourselves in for. Spring Breakers […]

Lust List: March 13

So I haven’t written a post for a while now, and all I can blame is dreaded final year at Uni. Seriously no one told us it was going to be this hard! Anyway before I continue to wish away my life, and attempt to justify that the grass is […]

And I’m back…

So the last month or so since my previous post has been a bit hectic, I’ve now finished as a Beauty PR and Marketing Intern and started back at Uni for my final year (stress!).  However I have been having some fun in the meantime with a holiday in Ibiza […]