Jewellery Addiction Part 1: Xmas Necklace Haul 6

I was a very lucky lady this Christmas and on the 25th opened some gorgeous gifts, some surprises and some exactly what I asked for.

As you may have seen in my December Lust List there were a couple of jewellery items on there and family members must have been taking note, or looking over my shoulder at my constant online browsing!  This meant that I opened a couple of beautiful packages which help build up my rather large jewellery collection.

For a while all I bought was gold chain necklaces, that I could layer upon layer in my Kate Bosworth Boho chic I was going for. But now I can’t stop going for statement pieces as they’re everywhere!

Right less of me blabbering and let’s show you my two favourite Statement Necklace gifts.

Anthropologie Statement Necklace


Bold Flower Necklace

This beauty was a pretty damn amazing gift, it’s just so shiny!  It’s the perfect necklace to go with everything.  It’s from one of my favourite shops for Jewellery Anthropologie – it’s a bit more expensive than your usual high street buys but it’s definitely worth it for the quality and something a little different.  This necklace is no longer on their website but if you’re looking for something a little bit different then def take a look!

The next one is a necklace I’ve been wanting for ages! I’ve loved Tatty Devine since the days of reading Elle Girl Magazine when they always used to feature it in there. They were the first company I recognised to do quirky pieces inspired by everyday things and in my days as a wannabe scene kid I loved it.   This however just sums up my life!

Statement Tatty Devine Word Arghh

Close Up Tatty Devine Necklace

Make sure you check out Tatty Devine’s Website for this and other quirky designs, if anyone wants to buy me presents I would be happy with them all (but especially the dinosaur).

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