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So I may have had a major fail and a bit of a cheat day during my ‘detox’ period, but I figured I was allowed as I was back in Bournemouth again for one of the last times.

As we left the sunny skies of London I was pretty excited to get back to Bournemouth and have a yummy brunch in what was one my friends and my favourite places Urban Reef. However as we drove further and further into the New Forest and the grey clouds turned black before pelting us with January showers I didn’t think sitting on Boscombe beach front would be the best idea.

But you’ve got to think positive so Time to try somewhere new I thought and that’s what lead us to Boscanova.  Boscombe is becoming artier and more up and coming by the month, and with several new delis and cafes popping up between the charity shops and antique caves there is now a great deal of choice.

Boscanova Cafe Review Boscombe

From the outside on a rainy day Bosconova doesn’t look anything special, but step inside this den of glorious smells from coffee wafting through to pulled pork simmering in the Kitchen and you’ll feel so at home in this eco den.

Inside Boscanova Cafe Review

I loved the feel of it, a little bit arty, the hippy inside me loved the wooden feel and quirky decoration.  The knitted bunting and random quotes dotted about put you in an interesting setting for a laid back brunch.

Knitted Bunting in cafe


Organice Cafe Menu Boscanova

The menu is simple but everything sounded delicious, including all the Vegetarian and Gluten Free options – and that’s a hard task! After browsing through the lunchtime specials and my mouth drooling at the cakes both my mum and I settled on the Lumber Jill Breakfast of American Pancakes, with a poached egg, crispy bacon, sausage and maple syrup.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

January diet not just gone out the window, but crashing 100mph through the glass, I sipped on the sweetest frothiest Soy Chia Latte while waiting for my guilty treat.

Soy Milk Chai Tea


Bespoke Boscanova Mugs

When the breakfast arrived, I was in my element.  The pancakes were incredible and I am a serious judge of american pancakes whipping my own up at home regularly.  But these were better than anything i’ve ever been able to produce.  Combined with the runny poached egg, crispy bacon and maple syrup it’s safe to say my food was gone in a flash.  My only complaint would be I’d have loved a little more maple syrup – but thought I better not to be on the healthy side (yeah right!).

American Pancakes, Bacon,Sausage, Egg

Eggs, Bacon, American breakfast

If you’re ever in Dorest make sure you check out this gem of a cafe, the staff were friendly and the atmosphere so chilled I could have sat there all day trying everything off the menu. If only…

Boscanova Cafe Cakes


Surf Board Advert Boscombe Cafe

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