New Kicks

After recently only being able to wear trainers, and luckily being able to wear them at work, I’ve become a little obsessed.

It’s become a bit embarrassing actually, trainer porn is now a THING. I can waste hours browsing SIZE?, NIKE, & other stories, urban outfitters… the list goes on, just looking at their new stock of Nikes.  In an attempt to control my spending I’ve recently purchased two pairs that I feel can go with anything and will be perfect for my Coachella outfits (OhmygodIcan’twait!).

First up are these… I LOVE them.  And I haven’t loved an item of clothing for a very long time.

Comfortable Nike Trainers Jacquared Girls Size

I have had SO many compliments on them since I’ve worn them, I’m talking at least 20 comments.  They are also the lightest, comfiest, probably the best shoes I’ve ever bought.  I actually cannot imagine my life being the same without them. They are the Nike Air Max 90 Current Jacquared, if you honestly want to be the proud owner of the most comfortable shoes ever, BUY THEM.

Girls Purple Nike Air Max 90

SO after being obsessed by these and wearing them every single day since I bought them, I thought I needed to get a grip…so I bought some more.  I know that may not have been getting a grip at being so obsessed with a material object but hey I’m 23, love shopping and I need comfortable cool shoes.

And to be fair, these were the original Air Max I fell in love with, purchased but had to send back as they didn’t fit, and in that time you could no longer by them anywhere.  However now they are back in stock on Urban Outfitters, the dream.

Girls Air Max Nike

These Nike Air Max 1ND Trainers in Black, can still be bought on Urban O’s website so grab them while you can.  I think I’ll try and repress my trainer shopping/addiction, for now.


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