Pizza East Shoreditch

A little while back I headed for lunch at Pizza East with the girls for my birthday.  It was such a nice little treat as most of my crew were saving before they left to go travelling ( and now they’ve all left me… tears..) and we all indulged in some delicious dough.

girls at pizza east shoreditch

If you’re looking for somewhere to go that is reasonably priced, delicious and has a good vibe head here in the evening or at the weekend.

The food was all fresh, and the waitress was really helpful even if we can be a bit of a nightmare with changing our minds.  I went for a Pizza with Bresola, Rocket and Parmesan and shared a little side salad of butter lettuce, avocado and vinaigrette which was amazing as well as wilted Kale.

pizza east pizza

pizza east salad

Kale Side dish Pizza East

We devoured our food, and as much wine and champagne after hours of girly catch ups.

pizza eating at pizza east shoreditch

This is definitely somewhere to head if you’re not on a diet, but 100% make sure you check it out.

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