California Road Trip: Malibu Coastline

After our brief affair with Santa Barbara we headed back down the coast towards LA.

Driving on route 1 Santa Barbara

But before we left we made sure we indulged in an American Breakfast, and headed to D’Angelo’s which we had hear rave reviews about.  I settled for the buttermilk waffle’s after a very hard decision.  It’s safe to say that if I lived in America I would end up huge – the breakfast is a killer!

Santa Barbara Best Breakfast Waffles

This is a pretty short drive, only about 2 hours and it takes you through Malibu, a place famous for Celebs and amazing houses.

Even driving along the main road you witness some incredible architecture, it must be an amazing place to have property.

We were determined to experience some fresh seafood while we were there so googled crab shacks in Malibu and thankfully stumbled across one that was highly recommended: Neptune’s Net.

Best Crab Shack Malibu

We parked across the road against the Atlantic Coastline and ran into this bustling shack full of travellers, bikers and locals.  OK so it wasn’t the healthiest option but their deep fried calamari and shrimp was to die for. We also tried their crab cakes and again these were amazing.  The atmosphere was great, we felt so at home in this hut on the side of the road.

Crab Shack Route 1 Malibu

Neptunes Net Calamari and Shrimp

Chilling in Malibu at a Crab Shack

After our quick refuel we carried on towards Malibu pier – obviously stopping for a little tourist pic along the way!

The Malibu Sign

View from Route 1

Make sure you find time to stop along the side of the road and have a walk along the beach below the pier, it’s beautiful and so surreal.

Beach Photo Malibu

The sea in Malibu

Tourist pic with lifeguard hut

We would have loved to have been able to stay and explore Malibu a bit longer and find out what the real attraction is for the world’s elite to live here, but we had to head into West Hollywood to continue our adventure.

Driving to West Hollywood

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