I’m on a boat.

As you may know I have finally finished Uni in Bournemouth and moved back home before I start full time work. Forever.

Sensibly we made the most of freedom before we left, and were lucky enough to experience a speed boat trip around Poole and Bournemouth – a place we had been living for four years yet had never really explored.

boat trip

We were blessed with the weather, unfortunately it had been boiling sunshine the few days before our trip yet as we woke up on the Friday morning it was pouring with rain – just our luck.

The Captain of our ship (sorry I had to write it) was such a nice man and delayed our trip until the afternoon, and thankfully the sun started to shine and all eight of us made our trek down to Poole Harbour.

When we knew we were going on a speed boat, we thought it would be a little rickety old thing that would cruise around for a couple of hours then get dropped back on to the shore.

However, we had a nice little surprise when we rocked up to a gleaming white speed boat/mini yacht ( we all decided that one of us needed to own a yacht when we’re ‘grown up’).

Bournemouth Boat

This two hour trip really made us appreciate Dorset, such a beautiful area which we had barely explored.  We cruised around Poole Harbour and then down the coast past the mansions of Sandbanks and the along to Bournemouth Pier – a view of the beach we had never had before.

Boat Trip

It was so surreal being able to see Bournemouth from a different perspective, and we all seemed to get a bit emotional with a glass of wine and a toast to the last four years we had spent together.

Boat Trip

We sailed past Old Harrys Rocks, the famous Dorset landmark, and mored up in a sheltered area to have our student picnic of cocktail sausages and Doritos, sunbathe on the back and the boys even braved it by jumping into the freezing English Channel – fooled by the sunshine into thinking it’s the med.

Old Harrys Rocks

Without getting all sentimental and emotional – it was the perfect way for us to end our time at Bournemouth Uni.  We had all spent so much time together over the last four years but had never done anything like this.

Boat Trip

Let’s just hope we all make it to the millionaire status that we believe we’ll have in 10 years time – with our house in sandbanks and our yacht – ready to do this all again when we’re all grown up.

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