December Lust List

It’s been a  while since I’ve done a lust list, and what better time to start again than Christmas!

Being stuck at home this week I’ve done a lot of internet browsing, and when I say a lot I mean HUGE amounts.  Instead of doing my Christmas shopping I’ve been putting together a little wish list of my own – so friends and family take note! Here’s my top 5 affordable gifts for girls (aka me!) this year.


1. Top of my list this year is this Tatty Devine Necklace.  I know it’s been around for a while, but I’ve wanted it forever and Christmas is the perfect excuse to indulge. This statement necklace is top of my list for a New Years outfit and I think will do me for Winter and Summer! Necklace £60, Tatty Devine.
arghhh Necklace Tatty Devine


2. As you may know I am a serious collector of Make Up and I really don’t need anymore, however I cannot resist! This Nars Illuminator has caught my eye and has amazing reviews on other Beauty Blogs such as A Model Recommends. I think it’s the perfect product to give me that healthy glow post Christmas – I think I’ll be needing it with this weather! If you buy it from a department store before Christmas many are doing money off and Price Match such as House of Fraser. Nars Illuminator in Copacobana, £22.

Nars Copacobana


3. At the moment I’m trying to get a bigger stash of jewellery together and have started to wear earrings again so want to build up a little collection.  I’m fed up of having the same jewellery as everyone else if you buy it on the high street so I’ve been discovering some new little brands online that I can order from.  I LOVE these cute space earrings, and think they’d be the perfect addition to my jewellery collection – don’t you think they’re pretty special and a bargain! Star Gazer Planet and Star Earrings, £10, Eclectic Eccentricity.

Star Gazer Earrings

4. I love being able to wear what I want for work, the only problem is I can’t stop buying clothes and shoes especially trainers.  I’ve stopped recently and am browsing for a couple of new pairs to brighten up my wardrobe and I think I’ve found just the ones! Unfortunately I should have just bought them when I first saw them in Nike’s Boxpark Unit, and the fact I didn’t almost brings me to tears. As you know how much I love the Nike x Liberty collaboration these caught my attention straight away.  So i’m having to find a replacement, any suggestions are welcome!

Nike x Liberty


My possible replacements are these, still pretty hot I think! Nike, from £140.

Nike ID


5. I recently discovered this website and love the items they have on there – I think I could pretty much have anything on there.  This skirt is cool and quirky and I’m thinking ahead to my Coachella wardrobe where I think it would look really good! Cloud Print Gather Skirt, £25, Somewhere Nowhere.

Somewhere Nowhere



So there you have it my December/ Christmas Lust List… I could go on for days with this post but don’t want to bore you all!  Any more gift suggestions then let me know all shopping suggestions are appreciated!


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