Liberty Love

As you may well know by now I have a slight obsession with Liberty, it is a place of luxury, beauty and amazingness, a place that really is what dreams are made of.


I love to go wander the old building obsessing over things that I can’t afford, eyeing up the jewellery and shoes and stroking all the scarves.   So on my birthday my mum and I took a trip to our favourite place, exploring every floor and dreaming of what we hope we can one day afford.

When we finally made it down to the ground floor and the scarf floor my mum broke the glorious news to me that she wanted to get me a Liberty Scarf for my birthday, as it is something that I will be able to treasure forever.

Now this was a difficult decision to make, if you have ever been into Liberty’s scarf hall you’ll know just how much choice there is.  Silks and cottons draped everywhere, simple designs next to intricate detailing, high end designer collaborations next to Liberty traditional pieces. It’s safe to say that I was probably making this decision for a good 45 minutes with the help of an amazing sales assistant who taught me how to tie a head scarf, the different ways you could wear them and which colours she thought suited me best.

I finally made the decision of choosing this scarf, very on trend for SS ’14 with the pastel pinks next to clashing turquoise, but also a little bit different from traditional colours.

Liberty Print Scarf SS14

I just have to be brave enough to wear it now, I’m petrified of losing/damaging it, so have been testing out my new found scarf tying skills with an old vintage one I have until I feel ready.


liberty headscarf in hair



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