Time for tea

As a little birthday treat my mum and I indulged ourselves with some spa treatments, extreme shopping and a nice little afternoon tea at SKETCH. One of my friends had been to SKETCH for afternoon tea some time last year, and had put all the pictures on her blog and it looked amazing.

And really if you want to go to afternoon tea that is a little different then go here.  Afternoon tea was in the Glade, a room made to be an enchanted fairy-tale forest, with decoupage walls and 50s furniture you’re transported into a quirky but peaceful Alice in Wonderland like setting for a tea which was not only stunning but tasted delicious.

Gade room in sketch decoupage wall

50s wicker furniture

Of course we opted for the champagne tea, starting off with glorious champagne followed by Chai Tea, my favourite.

champagne at sketch

A tower of sandwiches and cakes was presented to us, all exquisitely made that you hardly wanted to touch them to ruin the picture perfect food.

The glade afternoon tea selection sketch london

Quail’s egg sandwiches with a perfect fried yoke on top, smoked salmon and creme cheese with caviar, miniature croquet monsieur, my mouth is salivating just thinking about it all.

Quails Egg Sandwich Sketch London

Afternoon Tea Smoked Salmon Sketch London

After demolishing the amazing sandwiches that were almost too good to eat (but we just couldn’t resist) we moved onto the cakes. Woah, did we get a sugar rush! After the champagne and the copious amounts of sugar my mother and I both felt a little out of it, not great after a massage.

The cakes were just as good as the sandwiches, chocolate macaroons, mini lemon meringue…

mini macaroon sketch london

perfect mini lemon meringue pie

And it didn’t stop there, mini chocolate eclairs, cake pops and a fruit scone each with strawberry and fig jam…

cake pops at Glade

scones at sketch

To finish it all off there is the sweetest passion fruit yoghurt/mousse thing, mmm…

Passion Fruit Mousse

Oh and if you go to Sketch, you HAVE to go to the toilets, it is one of the weirdest experiences ever.  You go up huge white stairs to multi-coloured ceiling and several egg pods which are the cubicles, when you go in weird music and a voice play over and over again. Spooky.

Sketch Toilets

egg toilet cubicles

I loved sketch and its quirky little details, definitely check it out for an indulgent, incredibly delicious afternoon tea.

Lego details at Sketch

quirky menu sketch

Glade bar sketch

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