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So a little while back I accepted the hype and my friends and I took a little trip to Covent Garden, and Five Guys. This American Diner Franchise opened its first UK store in the west end last year and is now expanding into Islington.  There seems to be a new burger bar in London every week at the moment, so it’s a pretty tough market to produce the BEST burger but that’s is what people were saying about Five Guys so I thought we had to give it a go.

Apparently there are 250,000 different ways you can have your burger there, I didn’t have time to try them all so went for a large bacon cheese burger with Salad, Ketchup and Mayo.  It’s a pretty weird system when you go in there of how you get your burger, as you have to go up and order what you want and then wait again for your number to be called out to pick up your meal – very American. The only problem was, we were hungry. Starving in-fact, and the wait seemed like a life time!

Five Guys Burger London

over 100 flavours of fizzy drink five guys

We finally grabbed our guilty treat and headed downstairs to a booth in the corner where we could devour our burgers in a really unladylike fashion. Sexy.

Five Guys Burger Eating

Five Guys also has a Coca Cola Freestyle machine which serves more than 100 different types of fizzy drink, so if you love your sodas then head there.  If you’re like me and can’t deal with fizzy drinks unless they’re with alcohol, I wouldn’t bother paying for it.  It’s really not worth it.

So the burgers were juicy and delicious, but because of all the hype around them I was pretty disappointed.  I think I would have rather spent the same amount of money enjoying a sit down in Byron, or something a bit different and dirtier in Meat Mission.

Bacon Cheeseburger Juicy

If you love a burger, and the London Hype check it out.  If you’re not that bothered I can recommend some other burger chains around London which I think are a bit more worth the wait.

Great Burgers Keep Five Guys Famous



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