The luckiest baby in the world?

So today it was announced that Beyonce and Jay-Z have had their first child, named Blue Ivy Carter.  There has been plenty of speculation over the last few weeks about has she/hasn’t she had the baby and today this was confirmed with the news being released on Twitter by the couples close friends including Gwenyth Paltrow and Rihanna.

But is this the luckiest baby in the world or is Blue destined for an unfair life in the limelight, due to no fault of her own.  Of course having A-list celebrity parents, reported to be worth $750 million, and powerful A-list godparents will greatly help this child along in life and she is expected to be nothing less than a superstar.

However is that fair for her to never lead a normal childhood? As undoubtedly Blue will follow in the footsteps of children such as Suri Cruise and Willow Smith who have their own websites, music careers or fashion blogs, to be robbed of their innocence and launched into the spotlight within their first 10 years.

What do you think?

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